NEM (XEM) Cryptocurrency Review

NEM (XEM) Cryptocurrency Review

The NEM blockchain forces what they predict that the Smart Asset System. This program is intended to be an open, customizable blockchain alternative for virtually any range of use cases constructed in addition to simple, effective API calls. The blockchain is secured and transactions are processed with a international network of nodes operating the NEM core software and the network is employed as an API Gateway server.

The Foundation is a non-profit organization situated in Singapore with associates across the planet. The Foundation has been devoted to the ongoing evolution of NEM blockchain technology along with also the promotion of a vibrant ecosystem of NEM users and developers in authorities, academia, industry and the general public at large.

Initially meant to be a fork of NXT, the community made a decision to proceed with a completely new codebase using an alpha version published June 25, 2014, and the very first stable release March 31, 2015.


NEM has a stated target of a large distribution model, and it has introduced new features to blockchain technologies such as its proof-of-importance (POI) algorithm, multisignature reports, encrypted messaging, and an Eigentrust++ standing system. The NEM blockchain software is utilized in a industrial blockchain called Mijin, which is being analyzed by financial institutions and private businesses in Japan and globally.

NEM provides a really impressive system that promises to be a major player in the approaching blockchain powered market. The simplicity of development, flexibility, and unique PoI system create NEM a Very attractive platform for any developer or company that is looking to Build a blockchain alternative.

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