Ontology Crypto Review – created by the same team responsible for NEO

Ontology Crypto Review – created by the same team responsible for NEO

Owned by the Chinese developer Onchain, Ontology is a public platform for companies to integrate blockchain technology into their businesses. Designed to be adaptable in a range of sectors, the platform has focused on providing verification and authentication in areas such as ownership and identity.

Ontology is actually a network of blockchains, rather than one single blockchain, and it’s designed to help migrate proprietary enterprise platforms onto a distributed ledger model without compromising them. Ontology was created by the same team responsible for NEO but exists as a separate entity.


ONT tokens, which began trading in early March, were unusual in that they were not subject to a public ICO. Instead, 20m ONT tokens were airdropped to the NEO community. Like NEO, ONT token holders accumulate their own version of Gas, ONG. Although separate entities, the CEO of Onchain, Da Hongfei, is also the one of the founders of NEO.

So far, blockchain technology has been limited mainly to private users. Because it’s so new and most developers don’t specialize in it, people in the business world largely haven’t looked at what blockchains can do for their businesses. However, the truth is that they’re missing out. There are lots of applications blockchains can be used for that are even better than existing solutions.

That’s what Ontology is trying to fix. They want to make it so that businesses can more easily make use of blockchains – they don’t need to have people on staff that are experts in it. It combines different features that include collaborative databases, distributed identity confirmation, and so much more, in a way that’s easy to use and implement, without exposing your business to security flaws or risks.

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