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What we do is constantly analyze trading platforms, special offers from brokers all over the world, and market data that can be used by traders in order to enhance their trading techniques.

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The ABC of Binary Options Trading

Binary Options or Digital Options is a new financial instrument available for financial traders. It is all online-based and the principle is very simple: while on the traditional market you buy and sell assets trying to make a profit from the price variation and being under the constant risk of losing your portfolio because of the effects of the global economic crisis, with digital options you just need to make simple bets over the variation of a certain asset.

Risk Free Trades

Binary Options Brokers Who Offer Risk-Free Trades


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If the prediction is correct, you can cash in profits of 70-95%. It’s simple, and you do not have to be concerned that if the price goes down, you lose your investment! Moreover, even a simple educated person can play this investment game, you do not have to be an expert in financial markets, or have any connection to the financial broker’s industry.

Types of Binary/ Digital Options

Being similar to a financial game, binary options have some types of bets that are very exciting to try and also financially rewarding. Some examples are:

Touch-No-Touch: it is a bet where you predict if the price of an asset touches or not a certain level; you don’t need to worry if the price decreases a lot (as on the usual market), it just needs to touch the level that you placed your bet for;

60 Seconds: is a type of trade where the result is ready in 60 seconds; you can run several trades like this and have the results very quickly;

High/Low: refers to the situation where a trader makes a bet over the prediction that an asset price will end up higher (or lower) than a specific level set at the beginning of the session;

The tunnel option is a trade where the trader bets that a price will not evolve out of the boundaries set between two limits (a minimum and a maximum level).

About risk in binary options trading

The information that we provide is meant to help you build better strategies and learn more about these financial instruments. However, binary options trading is a high-risk type of trading and we suggest traders be careful and make only investments that will not affect their personal financial situation. Binary Options Trading can be done everywhere and has a lot of excitement, but you should make investments responsibly and make sure that if you lose your investments, it will not have serious consequences on your financial status.

Risk-Free Trades